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Indu Srivastav has been running her business in Fullerton with poise and care for families for 13 years. Her small business felt suited for Fullerton, “it’s a community with a diverse cultural mix,” says the certified family family law specialist.

The Law Offices of Indu Srivastav provide family law services such as divorce, division of property, child custody, guardianships and adoption. Indu was drawn to family services thanks to her first job with a family law firm. “They dealt with international custody issues and dealing with clients and their problems made me feel that we were helping them with real issues.” Her passion is also forward-thinking, “I feel I am steering clients in the right direction when it comes to their children, who are our future.”

Indu Srivastav

Something you’ll notice right away is that Indu doesn’t fit the typical notion you might have of an attorney. The young, good-looking female behind the big wooden desk enjoys the sunlight and view from her office windows in the Fullerton Towers. She also gives a personal touch to her work. Indu finds fulfillment in helping families deal with difficult times in their lives and supporting their path to new beginnings. Being certified by the California board of legal specialization for family law is also something that sets her apart from other attorneys. Every two years she receives training and re-certification by completing hours of education and trial work.

Something else you can’t immediately tell about her office is that it’s affordable. This is because she understands the need for economical access to legal services for families, her and her husband – a Cal State Fullerton graduate and local business owner – raise their two children in north Orange County and enjoy frequenting downtown Fullerton for food at Bourbon Street and shopping in the local stores. “I love to spend time with my family and love Fullerton too,” she says.

Let her help you, and let her know you found her at our website.

Contact her for a free initial consultation for your family law needs including:
spousal support, custody issues, step-parent and adult adoption, domestic violence, separations, divorce, guardianships, conservatorships, credit and other debts, and more. Her smile and professional, yet comfortable, demeanor will put you at ease.

The Law Offices of Indu Srivastav, A PLC

1440 North Harbor Boulevard, Suite 250
Phone: 714-447-9695
Fax: 714-871-9714
[email protected]

*this advertorial was paid for by the law offices of Indu Srivastav
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10 Mar 2014

Family Law in Fullerton

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The Core of a Culture
Programme Skate and Sound

By Virginia George
Staff Writer
Morgan McLaughlin
Editor in Chief
(photos by Jeremy Newhouse)

Those who love music and skateboarding will tell you, it’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. This concept is the core of Programme Skate and Sound. Open in the Spring of last year, Skate and Sound has been filling a niche appealing to a multitude of age groups and cultures in the Fullerton community.
The shop is more than just a place to find skateboarding hard goods, apparel, shoes and music (used & new vinyl and CDs). It’s a place where you’ll get a good product and personal connection with the four friends who started the business.

Front of StoreSkateboard Wall

Fabrizio Santos – the professional skater from Brazil, Efrem Schulz – the lead singer of Death By Stereo, Chris Gronowski – the operations manager and Kevin Fewell – the business manager, make it their goal for customers to have an experience in their store. With plans to bring the artistic community in Fullerton together, Programme Skate and Sound has had and still plans to invite live music, art shows, poetry readings and disc jockeys to their eclectic shop.

Chris & Fabrizio (left to right)EfremInside of store

Schulz has been the frontman for the metal/hardcore southern California band Death By Stereo for more than 10 years, and he is the rock star of the business who is dedicated to making it a welcoming environment for all artists. “Anyone that knows about skating knows that the arts and music go hand in hand,” says Schulz. “We want to market to kids, their parents, and pretty much everyone. There’s so much musical history that originated in Fullerton and it’s a way we can bridge the generation gap.”

Inside of store Skate Medals

Santos, also known as “The Breeze,” hopes to preach the good news of life on four wheels to the masses. His appearances on Fuel TV, X-Games and other skateboarding media outlets are what make him the Pro-Skater star of the shop. “Moving to America to skate was one of the best things that happened to me,” says Santos, “so when Chris invited me to be a part of the shop it blew my mind and I wanted to make it happen.”

BOOM headphones & hats Vinyl music

Gronowski’s diverse background in music has allowed him to experience first hand how different cultures affect the sport of skating. “We all come from different ethnicities and backgrounds so naturally, without even trying to make an effort, diversity just comes out and the growth of skateboarding is hugely based on diversity,” says Gronowski.
With all four friends being successful in different fields, they all agree that the city of Fullerton is nostalgic and couldn’t imagine having their shop anywhere else. “Fullerton is a great town and we love it,” says Gronowski. “We spent a lot of time at Bionic records spending half of our paychecks.” Programme Skate and Sound plans to offer skating demos soon,  but if you’d like to find skate goods, clothes and music, and occasionally enjoy some great sales, live music and BBQs, keep them in your radar.

Programme Skate and Sound: rolling through life with sweet tunes.
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm | Sat 10am-8pm | Sun 11am-7pm
2495 E. Chapman Ave.
(714) 798-7565
Programme on Facebook


(originally published February 24, 2012)

13 Jan 2014

Programme Skate & Sound

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By Morgan McLaughlin
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Inside the 95-year-old house that sits at 108 W. Brookdale Place is an oasis of home and garden decor and perfectly picked items for any kind of gift you might need. Le Potager has been John Reed’s passion since August 2000. To say the European style found inside the 3 bedroom home is eclectic is an understatement. “”Build it and they would come, and word of mouth got around,” says John. As it should, Le Potager is one of the only specialty decor stores left in North Orange County.

Recently awarded one of the Top 50 Retailers for 2012 by Home and Garden Decor magazine, the store carries a mixture of consignment and retail pieces fitting of a chateau. No matter what room you are looking to decorate, you can find all the trimmings for a bedroom, living room, patio and even pantry inside the 2-story shop.

“We have high end things but not necessarily high prices,” says Jennifer Owens, Le Potager’s right-hand woman. In the Fall Jennifer will travel to France for a buying trip, picking and shipping whatever catches her eye for Le Potager customers. They’ll even be an unveiling showcase in October for locals to get first look at the newest items to grace the shop from overseas.

Dar Warner, local artist, has beautifully eteched and painted jewelry boxes for sale at Le Potager. You’ll find them in the case that also holds Tokens of Love jewelry, one of a kind pieces made by Marla. These and other unique items, like the shelf decor, framed art, taper candles, pillows and more will make you feel like royalty.


Every season the shop changes. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter all have their time at Le Potager so your home will celebrate the bright and airy month of April, or the cozy and warm feeling you want in December. “A lot of love and pride goes into what we’re doing,” John says, and finishing his thought Jennifer tells us, “shopping can be what it used to be, something enjoyable for both shopper and shopkeeper.”

Gifts bought at Le Potager get the treatment they deserve, being wrapped with care and ready for you to take and go. Culinary items, tabletop items for enjoying outdoor dining will be the theme for their June 23rd Dining Alfresco event, free and open to the public. “Our events are an experience,” says Jennifer. And her and John hope to see you all there.

These photos (click to enlarge them) may show you a lot, but you  can’t truly appreciate the grandeur of Le Potager without experiencing it for yourself.

Le Potager
Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-5pm
108 W. Brookdale Pl.
(714) 680-8864
on Facebook
on Twitter
on Pinterest

(originally published June 13, 2012)

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10 Dec 2013

Le Potager

Author: mmclaughlin | Filed under: local Business

By Morgan McLaughlin
(click photos to enlarge)


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The Fullerton Haunted Walking Tour has been around for 11 seasons and even if you’ve experienced it before, you might want to check it out again this Fall because 2013 has some new locations. The North Orange County Paranormal Society (NOPS) makes the tour even more interesting with their “trigger objects” and audio and visual evidence of activity that has happened in the very spots you’ll visit. You can also get a chance to hold and use some of their equipment to capture your own evidence. “The whole field is still theory,” said Sam Neill, co-founder and lead investigator for NOPS, “but there’s so many experiences that are so similar it’s hard to ignore it.”

Aimee Aul, education coordinator for the Fullerton Museum Center, will serve as your “ghost host” leading your group to the various locations while sharing history and haunted stories of the city during the two hour tour. Head to the Museum early (5pm) for time with the NOPS team before the walk starts. Then at 6pm you’ll take a quick jaunt to the oldest brick building in Fullerton, the site of a suicide of one of Fullerton’s earliest commercial developers.

Next you’ll hear about the Fox Theatre (read more about the Fox here), then head next door to hear the child in the upstairs of neighboring building Angelo’s and Vinci‘s. It’s here and at Lillian Yeager’s house – Le Potager and the fourth spot on the tour – where you’ll probably experience some “electronic spiderwebs” … if you believe in that sort of thing. (Say hi to the local black cat while you’re there!) Finally you’ll visit the Villa del Sol, a historic cornerstone of downtown Fullerton and a location that has much to share in terms of ghost stories.

RSVP now for tours – they go through November, with a special tour on Halloween – but they’ll fill up fast.

Wednesday & Thursday through November 7
NOPS open house 5pm, Tour 6pm at 301 N. Pomona Ave., Fullerton
$15 for museum members and $18 for the general public
Call the Fullerton Museum Center at (714) 738-6545 to RSVP

13 Sep 2013

Haunted Walking Tour 2013

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By Morgan McLaughlin

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What used to be the California Central Academy building at 505 E. Commonwealth Avenue (at the corner of N. Balcom) is now the beautiful new home to Sage Behavior Services. This Fullerton-based business serving children with behavioral needs couldn’t be happier with the space that is four times larger than their old home on Harbor Boulevard “We take tremendous pride in the high quality of our services,” said Tammy H. Heo, MS, BCBA, one of the Clinical Directors and co-owner of Sage. The new space allows them to have “ongoing programs all year and we hope to go from offering one on one intervention, to service in a group setting,” says Tammy.

Sage helps children and families with not only autism but also mental retardation, brain injury, Down syndrome and others through the use of individualized applied behavior analysis with thanks to private insurance and contracts through regional centers and school districts. Sage helps in a general sense but also aids their clients with their developing skills in a setting other than home or school with in-home and in-school support and social skills training. “We are also hoping to fill the gaps for parents with a structured program during school breaks,” said Tammy.

Tammy wanted people to know that they are more than welcome to call Sage if they have concerns that their child may have behavioral needs, they’re happy to talk over the phone and offer guidance. Sage also invites the community to the ribbon cutting for their new location and fourth anniversary celebration at the office and clinic this Thursday, August 15th, from 4-5 pm; 505 E. Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton.

We had the chance to see the space and ask more about Sage:

iF: Who does Sage help?
Our customers include children between the ages of 18 months and 22 years.  They include children diagnosed with autism, epilepsy, mental retardation, Down syndrome, brain injury, and speech delays.  We intervene when there is a need for behavior change, meaning aiming to decrease behavioral excesses (such as aggression, elopement, property destruction, etc.) or to improve behavioral deficits (for children who are not at age level in various areas such as communication, self-help, socialization, etc) .

iF: How is Sage different from other services?
Tammy: Sage is a company with the genuine intentions of improving the lives, futures, and opportunities of those with special needs.  We started this company to create a unique place for children to learn, but also for our employees to grow and meet their own professional goals.  The feedback that we continuously receive from both staff and customer’s families is that we treat people differently, and with more respect than others do, and that is what makes them stay.  Sage also prides itself in being able to assist families who speak other languages, including Korean and Spanish, through parent training and education.

Visit them: 505 E. Commonwealth Ave. (enter from the door in the back parking area)
Call them: (714) 773-0077
On Facebook: Sage Behavior Services

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12 Aug 2013

Sage Behavior Services

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